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Introducing HiWire Active Electrical Cable

The HiWire Active Electrical Cable (AEC) is a new category of plug and play interconnect designed for affordable, lossless operation at 100G, 400G, and faster speeds. AEC delivers the simple functionality and speed of AOC without the expense and high energy draw of optics. Built-in retiming and fully equalized signals make AEC a high performance alternative to the risk and hassles of DAC for in-rack and mid-tier interconnects.


How it Works

The HiWire AEC Interconnect is a deterministic, plug and play solution to 1:1 interconnect, but also enables speed shift and breakout solutions not possible in other cable types.

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Consortium Partners

The HiWire Consortium was launched with 25 founding members. Learn more about the mission and operation of the consortium through these Frequently Asked Questions.

The future is fast

Equalized interconnects are essential for data center stability as 100G, 400G and faster port speeds emerge. HiWire AEC products support these higher speeds today with robust technology and a clear roadmap to 800G and beyond.



A persistent cost advantage

HiWire AEC launches with a huge cost advantage versus comparable AOC fiber, and will maintain that advantage as the next generation technologies mature.


Speed shifting made easy

Connect new PAM4 ports to existing in-rack NRZ gear with HiWire. Inline mode shifting, speed shifting, and a full range of 1x1, 1x2, and 1x4 cable configurations make it simple to connect top-of-rack 100G or 400G PAM4 ports to today’s most common switches, servers and storage.


Better on all fronts


400G now

With fast path to 800G


Robust design

All electrical, no fragile optics



400G PAM4 to 4x100G NRZ


Lower energy

Delivers ongoing OpEx savings


Long-life guarantee

10-year operational life


Standards Compliance

Fully MSA Compliant

In a typical data center, compression with HiWire AEC results in:


Recent News


NEWS: Credo Announces the HiWire Consortium for Standardization and Certification of Active Electrical Cables (AEC) 

09/03/19 — Credo today announced the formation of the HiWire Consortium dedicated to the standardization and certification of a new category of Active Electrical Cables (AEC) …


BLOG: HiWire Consortium to Accelerate Adoption of 400 Gbps Switch Platforms

09/03/19 — DAC has always had a tenuous relationship in the data center. Customers love the low cost, but it has always been the least reliable option and limited on distance. Quality manufacturing can have a big impact on the actual distance a cable can support …


NEWS: Credo Announces Production Availability of HiWire Active Electrical Cables

09/04/19 —Credo, a global innovation leader in Serializer-Deserializer (SerDes) technology which delivers high performance, low power connectivity solutions for 100G, 400G, and 800G port enabled networks, today announced …


Are you interested becoming a member of the HiWire Consortium and establishing HiWire AEC as the next interconnect standard for 400G? Learn more more about the Consortium today.

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